I keep a journal (several actually) where I record thoughts, ideas, memories and dreams.  On one page, I jot down lessons that have been key to keeping me centred and grounded.  Here are three lessons that I want to pass on to future generations of leaders:

Keep your chin up

I don’t mean this in the proverbial way of getting through tough times (although that is great advice too).  I mean it literally.  When walking or sitting, look up.  Show people your eyes, look at the world, greet it and everyone in it.  Make eye contact.  You can’t do that if you are looking down.  It suggests low self-esteem, sadness or that you are unapproachable.  Even if you feel like hiding away, looking ahead with your face forward allows you to be open to receiving beauty and energy from all around.


It makes you feel good and makes others feel good.  It is a universal symbol for happiness or comfort.  It also invites others to want to initiate conversation hence a vehicle for making new friends.

Always have a goal

I used to wake up and think I had nothing to look forward to and then would spend my days wallowing in sadness at that reality.  One day a significant influencer in my life said, “Oh for Pete’s sake, create some goals – what do you want to do with your life?  Figure that out and then put goals in place to meet those objectives.  Then you will always have something to look forward to”.  That key piece of advice changed my life.

What 3 important lessons in life would you pass on to future leaders?