In my career world, there is a person that has a reputation of being tough.  She’s a super power with a lot of clout and extremely intimidating.  Everyone in my career circles dreads crossing into her presence.   One day, I was directed to set up an appointment with her to go over new strategies.  <insert dramatic music here>  Stress kicked in for horror stories developed as I pictured myself being reduced to tears by the mere look from her piercing eyes.  This called for the <duhn! duhn! duhn! (dramatic rift)> Power Suit.

A Power Suit is the outfit that makes you feel like you can run the world.  It’s almost like a costume and changes you into the character that you want to portray for the situation you are embarking on.  It will have the following characteristics:

It flatters you:

The power suit will fit to the curves you want to accentuate and detract from the ones you don’t.  The colours will be suited to your seasonal palette so your eyes glimmer and your skin glows.  It makes you feel good.

It fits your career:

Your power suit is meant to give you confidence in the career world.  Interviews, meetings, speaking engagements or networking.  It should be reflective of the career you are in or are striving for.  A Sith uniform or Jedi Robe is only a suitable Power Suit if working with the “The Force”.

It gives you authority:

Because it flatters you and you will feel good wearing it, you’ll walk a bit taller.  This will present a professional image and people will give you the credibility you deserve.

It is stylish:

Depending on your personality, it may be trendy or it may be classic.  Either way, you have chosen that outfit because it speaks to who you are and is well put-together.  The message that style sends is that you put thought into your choice of wardrobe.

It is current:

If you are more of a classic dresser, your power suit from 10 years may still serve its purpose since classic looks tend to be timeless.  It’s worth getting some opinions on how your outfit has held up over time if you intend to wear something with some date to it.  That aubergine ensemble that you just love may not give the same impression today as it did in 2005.

Describe your “Power suit” if you have one.  Any suggestions where one might find a “Power Suit”?